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Personal Wiki

Free Free Free Free
All core features
Unlimited Pages
One user, two subsites
1GB storage

Team Wiki

$89 $99 €80 €89 /month
Pro Wiki features plus...
Add up to 20 users
No storage limit
Create up to 20 subsitesEach subsite on your site is a collection of people and pages. Useful for organizing content around a topic, project or team, with its own theming and permissions.

Company Wiki

$347 $386 €319 €354 /month
Team Wiki features plus...
Increase user limit to 60
Advanced AdminEnables advanced user Administrator features, such as User Impersonation, Extra Restrictions, Extranet, and managing users details of others in your team. See feature details below for more information.
Custom DomainPut Papyrs on a domain of your choosing, e.g. instead of
SAMLManage all Papyrs logins within your organization centrally and securely with SAML. Integrates with popular identity providers like OneLogin, Okta, Auth0, and Azure AD Cloud. Single Sign On


$3497 $3886 €3099 €3443 /month
Company Intranet features plus...
Unlimited Subsites
Enterprise SecurityAdds additional security features: Custom IP-address Firewall, Audit log, Password Policies
LDAP/AD Single Sign OnAdds support for Single Sign On through Active Directory (LDAP). Centrally manage logins and sync profile information.
Enterprise Support/SLAService Level Agreement, Priority Support
Enterprise BrandingEnables additional whitelabel options: Upload custom JavaScript/CSS, Edit Webfonts/Favicons, custom Profile Fields

Get more done with a central place for all information, communication and collaboration.

Core features always included in every plan: Unlimited Pages and Widgets, Secure Login, Backups, World Class Support, Permissions, Drag&drop page editor, Dozens of widget types, Version History, Powerful Search, File Storage, Slack Integration, G Suite integration, Discussions, Page Views and Reactions, Notifications, Branding/Color Themes, API access, Staff Directory, Subsites, Customizable Menus, Page Layouts, Mobile Access, Markdown mode, Command Palette, and much more.

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Core Features

Always included in every plan

Secure Login

Papyrs is built for securely sharing internal knowledge. Your organization's internal site is protected by logins and a secure connection.


All your data is backed up to prevent data loss. You can also export your data at any time by downloading a backup.

World Class Support

We're obsessive about the quality of our customer support. We can answer all your questions and help you out whenever you get stuck.

Slack integration

Papyrs integrates with Slack: search your Papyrs knowledge base directly from Slack or post new notes. Log on to Papyrs with your Slack account.

G Suite integration

Use SSO and link to (or embed) files/docs/sheets directly from Google Drive. Embed YouTube videos and Google Calendars.

Views and reactions

See which pages are most popular and give feedback to authors. Enable Google Analytics integration for more usage stats.


Subscribe to email notifications on updates you care about. See what changes have been made to a page at a glance.


Change the look & feel of Papyrs to match the style of your company. Replace the Papyrs logo with your company logo.

Powerful Search

Search through all your pages, files, discussions and forms. Find everything back in an instant.


Have discussions with colleagues and clients directly on Papyrs pages. Email updates keep people automatically up to date.


Organize your site into sections of pages and people and create subsites around a topic, team or project.


Automate tasks, link Papyrs to other tools with Zapier, or create your own custom workflows


Securely share files by uploading files or images with drag& drop. Attach files to pages, form records, or comments. Individual files can be up to 512MB.

Staff Directory

A social intranet with an employee Directory and User Profile cards

Unlimited pages

Papyrs pages can contain text, files, forms, and more. See the comprehensive feature overview page for details.

Compare Versions

Track and compare changes. Don't worry about overwriting/deleting content and restore previous pages/file versions.

Drag&drop page editor

Easy to use so anyone can contribute and add content. Add rich formatting and widgets to pages to add all kinds of content.

Dozens of page widgets

Images, checklists, tables, navigation, comments, polls/voting, embeds, social media, code snippets and much more.


Ensure staff or clients only see content they have access to with straightforward permission settings.

Page Layouts

Create beautiful pages with custom layouts, like multiple columns or grids.

Mobile access

Take your intranet with you with iOS & Android PWA apps.

Power user features

Toggle between Markdown and visual editing. Use keyboard shortcut and the command palette to edit like a pro.

Much more

Page templates, digest emails, customizable menu bar and custom navigation, structure pages with folders and tags, extranet subsites, user roles

More Features

Included in some plans...

Form fields Premium Widget

Add custom online forms to your pages to collect data, process requests and build databases with built-in form field widgets.

Workflows & Reports Premium Widget

Create reports of form records with filters. Export to CSV. Add status fields to create workflows.

Video Premium Widget

Securely share internal videos by uploading them directly to your Papyrs pages using our built-in video widget

Calendar Premium Widget

Add as many calendars as you need with our built-in calendar widget to keep track of events and planning

Custom Domain

Put Papyrs on a domain of your choosing, e.g. instead of


Centrally manage all logins with SAML or Active Directory. Use popular identity providers like OneLogin, Okta, Auth0, and Azure AD Cloud.

Advanced admin

User impersonation, Extra Restrictions, Extranet. Manage profile pictures, password and other users details of others in your team.

Enterprise Branding

In addition to the theme editor, upload custom JavaScript/CSS, set webfonts/favicons, and add custom profile fields.

Enterprise Support/SLA

Priority support and a Service Level Agreement with availability guarantees.

Enterprise Security

Custom IP Firewall, Audit Log, Login Alerts, Custom Password/Session Policies, JWT Web Tokens SSO


What is included in the free trial?

The trial includes all features from the Company Intranet plan.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a 15% discount to charities and educational organizations. We also offer Papyrs for free if you're a health worker or non-profit working on a Covid-19 relief project and are in need of a wiki/knowledge base to coordinate your efforts.

What happens after the 14 day free trial?

When your trial is almost up, we'll send you an email with options to upgrade. We won't automatically charge you. All the contents and settings on your site will stay the way they are, so after picking any of the plans, you can continue right where you left off.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 30‑day money back guarantee. If you're not absolutely happy with Papyrs we'll gladly give you your money back — no questions asked.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). We also support payment by (international) bank transfer when paying for a year.

Do I need any technical training/knowledge for this?

No, we've designed Papyrs so anyone can set up and contribute to an internal knowledge site, whether you're in engineering, marketing or internal comms. It's all just drag&drop using our user-friendly editor. No programming, coding or installation of any kind is required.

What are the system requirements to use Papyrs?

All you need is a modern browser. We support the latest browser versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer 11. Papyrs works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

What if I want to cancel?

Easily cancel at any time after which you won't be charged again. Before closing your site you can create a data export and download your content to take it with you when you leave. As detailed in our privacy policy, we will schedule your data for permanent deletion after you close your site.

What counts as a user?

Every person who can log in to your site is a user, for example all your employees who can log in. It does not matter what permission level a person has or how many subsites they have access to. In other words, the number of users is the number of people with access to the site.

I see unlimited users-plans, is that real?

Yes! The trend we see is solutions are starting to charge higher and higher amounts per user. With companies using more and more online services, paying all these, per user, per month, this adds up fast when your business is growing (or when usage goes up when people work from home). We offer affordable unlimited user plans with predictable pricing, so companies can grow without a sudden rise in costs. Pricing that scales best is pricing that doesn't scale at all! As a central hub, Papyrs can also replace a number of other tools, reducing the total bill even further.

What if I go over some limit?

Some plans are unlimited, but if your plan has any limits which you grow beyond, we will automatically let you know and give you options to upgrade your subscription. We're not too strict about it either, so we won't contact you for something like a 5%-10% overage. In any case we will never just charge you more without you approving an upgrade first, so there won't be any unexpected higher charges.

Any hidden fees?

The monthly price is all inclusive (all prices are listed in rounded US Dollars or Euros). No setup or maintenance fees. No surprises. Sales tax is charged for EU+UK customers without a VAT ID. EU+UK customers are charged in Euros.

Any remaining questions?

Just drop us a line at or use the contact form. We're happy to help!