Examples of what you can do with Papyrs.

These are just some ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Share information.

  • Knowledge base: guides, procedures, etc.
  • Create an internal company wiki
  • Share files and documents.
  • Employee onboarding guides
  • Store your notes, ideas and "stuff"
  • Company dashboards
  • A portal for employees or clients
  • Write technical manuals, documentation and handbooks.
  • Use widgets to keep track of social media
  • Meetings: minutes, attendance, files, etc.
  • Remote working guidelines.
  • Contact (CRM) pages, sales notes.
  • Project and client information

Collect data & process requests.

  • Log travel expenses.
  • Create an Event registration form.
  • Leave of absence requests.
  • Add a form to collect and process receipts.
  • Log Mileage and Reimbursement.
  • Organize job applications.
  • Create Reports.
  • Log attendance and time sheets.
  • Collect customer Feedback.
  • Form-based apps, e.g. room booking.


  • Brainstorm and discuss projects.
  • Keep in touch with profile pages.
  • Create a News page for your group.
  • Discussion board.
  • Forum pages.
  • Add polls to make decisions.
  • Microblogging with the Activity Stream
  • People Directory and Staff profiles
  • Add widgets like a Google Calendar
  • Pages to communicate projects with clients.