An intranet for Google Apps.

Seamlessly integrates with Google Apps for Work.

Single Sign On.

  • Log in with your existing Google Apps account.
  • Simply access Papyrs from Google's universal navigation.
  • Add Papyrs to your domain directly from the Google Apps Marketplace.

Share and organize information with your Google Apps team.

  • Easily invite users from your Google Apps for Work domain.
  • Collaborate and share with users outside your domain too.

Everything in one place.

  • Use Google Widgets to link to your Google Apps information
  • Put docs from Google Drive, Google Calendars and maps on your pages
  • Integrated search instantly finds back everything, whether it's stored on Papyrs or your domain.

Integrated Search

All your information in one place, instantly searchable. Search through your Papyrs pages, discussions and forms, as well as Google Drive documents.
And much more ... for a full overview of all Google Apps integration, see our An intranet with Google Apps for Work solutions page.