Communicate better with a social intranet.

Keep everybody on the same page and get more done.

Discussions & Micro-blogging

  • No more messy email forwards and bulk replies to talk with your team.
  • Add discussions directly to your intranet pages.
  • A centralized place for discussing information, projects, and ideas.

Keep track of activity and status.

  • The activity streams keeps everyone up to date with the latest changes and activity.
  • Post and reply to status updates. An easier and faster way to communicate.
  • Keep your team more engaged and connected.

A Social Network for your Business

  • All your team members get a profile page where they can list additional personal information.
  • Post pages with company news or internal blog posts.
Intranet Employee Directory

Company Employee Directory

  • Browse and find people in your organization
  • Quickly look up their details like expertise or phone numbers
  • Organize people in groups

Personalize & Customize

  • An easy way to build a personalized intranet.
  • Design a visual theme that matches the style of your company or organization.
  • Create rich page designs using the Page Layout editor.

Add-Ons, Integration & Extras

  • Add widgets to keep track of social media like Facebook, Twitter, RSS & LinkedIn.
  • Show events from a Google Calendar widget.
  • Using other systems? Papyrs integrates with G Suite, Slack or Active Directory. Need more? Try our API or Single Sign On functionality.