Do you need an intranet?

Symptoms you really need an intranet

A question that frequently pops up is "Do we really need an intranet for our business?" It's a good question to ask. On this page we go over some common symptoms in organizations. Symptoms that we've seen ourselves and that we hear about every day.

These are symptoms your organization may really need an intranet:

  1. People have no easy way to stay up to date with the office when on the road, when telecommuting, or after returning from a holiday. Your business has to have a place where everybody can see what's going on. A place where people can check what's happened in the past couple of weeks and a place where people can see what goals the company is working toward.
  2. Communication breaks down with customers, suppliers or sub-contractors. If all important documents and decisions about an external contact exist only inside an individual employee's email inbox, then that's asking for trouble. If the employee falls ill, can your company continue to function without missing a beat?
  3. Documents go missing, or people lose track of which version of a document is the most recent one. Nothing is as frustrating as working the entire morning on a document only to figure out a newer version of the document exists that nobody told you about.
  4. It takes too much time for new employees and interns to get up to speed. So they will continually interrupt their colleagues until they've pieced the basics together. Every organization should have a place with all policies, standard documents and general information everybody needs to know.
  5. There's too much paperwork. On the intranet employees should be able to submit holiday time, file reimbursements, or book a meeting room. And it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds.

The best way for everybody to stay metaphorically on the same page is to create a Page that contains all important information, all important discussions, decisions, documents and contracts all in one place. Then give access to this page to all relevant parties: salespeople, managers, technical staff, clients, customers, suppliers and so forth. Then just update the page when necessary and all relevant parties will be kept in the loop automatically, because good intranet software has excellent email notifications.

An intranet, when set up right, will save your business massive amounts of time. It will smooth out all those unnecessary frustrations that naturally arise in today's complex organizations. By addressing these problems an intranet pays for itself many times over. Tons of people are very happy with Papyrs Intranet. Free 15-day trial. Why not give it a test drive?

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