Collect data and process requests with forms.

Add your own custom online forms with drag & drop. Super easy and flexible.

Easily design your own forms.

  • Create forms and online databases with the page editor, just drag & drop.
  • Share form pages to collect all kinds of data from colleagues and clients.
  • Stop sending spreadsheets back and forth to create messy databases.
Add custom online forms to your intranet

Endless possibilities.

Build forms to create your own simple database apps. For example, add forms for collecting time sheets, expense reimbursements, applications, surveys, event registration, etc. No technical knowledge required!

Reports & Analytics

  • Create reports of form records with different views.
  • Use a calendar view to create custom calendars.
  • Filter reports by status or custom values and calculate totals.
  • Or export to a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel) for further analysis.
Add workflow forms to your intranet


  • Add a status field to add a workflow for processing requests.
  • Get notified when the status of a request changes.

Custom Database Web Apps

  • Easily transform your forms into complete database web apps.
  • Build whatever you need, for example a CRM to keep track of contacts.
  • Define a template to view each item in your app on a nicely designed page.
  • Browse items the way you want, as thumbnails, in a table or on a calendar.
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