Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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What is Papyrs?
Papyrs is a hosted intranet. It's a central repository for all your documents and pages, a place to collaborate with colleagues and clients, internal company wiki software and much more. It's modern and easy to set up, allowing everyone to contribute without the need for any technical knowledge. You can read more about what Papyrs is here. If you're curious, read why we created Papyrs.
What web browsers does Papyrs support?
Papyrs supports all modern web browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Papyrs also works on mobile devices. Papyrs pages can be accessed from smartphones (Android, iOS) and from tablets (iPad).
How do you pronounce "Papyrs"?
Nowadays most people pronounce Papyrs like papers, but it started out sounding more like pay‑pierce. In hindsight, we should have picked a name that has one obviously correct pronunciation. Oops!


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What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) and PayPal. You can also pay by (international) bank transfer when paying for a year. For more information see Corporate Payment Options.
Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees. There are no set-up fee or maintenance fees, either. The price for each subscription package is all-inclusive. A subscription can be canceled at any time for any reason (or no reason at all). We do charge a sales tax for EU customers without a valid VAT ID.
My credit card expired. Where can I update it?
Go to Site Settings > Subscription > Manage payment options. There you'll see a link to update your credit card information.
What happens when a payment fails?
First you'll receive a number of automated emails asking for up to date credit card information. Then your account will get suspended. We won't delete your account or destroy your data unless you explicitly request we close your account or you close your account at Site Settings > Subscription > Close Site.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Go to Settings > Account > Manage payment options to cancel your subscription. You can always restart your subscription at some point in the future.


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What branding options do I have?
You can change the Papyrs colors to match your brand. Also, you can replace the Papyrs logo with your own.

If you have a Papyrs account subscription with more than 60 licenses you can get Papyrs with your own domain name (as opposed to For this you will have to purchase the domain and the accompanying SSL certificate. Please contact us at so we can work out the details.
Can I add custom widgets?
Papyrs supports many third party widgets. We have widgets for Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Twitter, Youtube and much more. You can also add 3rd party widgets to Papyrs, such as Linked In widgets and Facebook buttons.

Papyrs also has an HTML widget that you can use to add any content you like. (Add a Media Widget and then to go to the tab Other Widgets).
Can I add custom CSS and Javascript?
Papyrs supports custom CSS and custom JavaScript as part of the Whitelabel package. See the Plans & Pricing page for more information.
Is there an API?
We have a basic API, which can be enabled on request. If you need extra API functionality, just drop us a line. API Reference Documentation.

Papyrs also integrates with hundreds of other web services through Zapier.


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How long does the trial last?
The trial lasts 15 days. You can sign up in 30 seconds. No credit card needed.
If I sign up for a paid subscription, can I keep my trial data?
Absolutely. You can continue right where you left off.

Email notifications

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Why do the email notifications take a few minutes to arrive?
When you edit a page or leave a comment we don't send the email updates right away. This way, when you edit the page or your comment to fix a typo your coworkers don't get emailed twice. When you make multiple changes to a page in rapid succession only one email is sent out that highlights the all the changes.
Who will get an email notification after I update a page?
Everybody who's subscribed to the page will get an email update. To see who's subscribed to a page go to Page > Page Settings. If the envelope next to the user is yellow the user will receive email updates. Click the envelope to toggle. If you see a red exclamation mark next to the envelope icon, this means the user has completely disabled email notifications.

You don't get email notifications of your own actions, even if you're subscribed to a page.
Can I get an email notification when somebody fills out a form?
Yes, absolutely. If you subscribe to a page with a form on it you'll automatically receive an email every time somebody else fills a form out.

To see if you're subscribed to a page check if the envelope icon next to "New Page" is yellow. Click to (un)subscribe to page updates.
Why am I not getting my email notifications?
Navigate to My Preferences > Notifications and check the following:
  • Make sure you haven't suspended all email notifications. The checkbox next to "Stop all notifications" should not be checked.
  • Make sure that you're subscribed to email notifications for the relevant page(s). Click "change" to next to "you receive email updates for" to verify.
  • Is the Email Digest enabled? If so, you won't receive individual email notifications throughout the day. Instead you'll receive a summary email every morning (or at other fixed times).
Tip: to figure out why a coworker isn't getting their email updates, you can impersonate them (if you are an administrator) to change their email notification preferences.

Security and Backups

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How safe is my data in Papyrs?
We go to great lengths to ensure that your data is safe (i.e. no data loss):
  1. All Papyrs data is written to multiple hard drives (RAID-array). This means that when a hard drive crashes Papyrs will continue to function as normal, and no data will be lost.
  2. Papyrs data is continiously backed up. The main Papyrs database is immediately synchronized (mirrored) to a backup server.
  3. Backups are made every night. Backups are stored both locally, and at a remote server.

You can also schedule Manual Backups. Read more about backups and see also our security policy.
How secure is my data in Papyrs?
To ensure security (i.e. no unauthorized access), we take the following measures:
  1. The Papyrs web application always uses an encrypted connection (SSL). This is the same technology used by internet banking.
  2. All internal traffic between Papyrs servers is also encrypted using SSL.
  3. We have a firewall that blocks traffic from unknown sources and monitors for suspicious traffic.
  4. System software on the Papyrs servers is kept up to date.
  5. Software is in place that checks system integrity, and searches for root kits and other malicious software.
For more details, see the security policy.
Who owns the data?
You keep ownership of everything you put into Papyrs. We own the service, not your data. You can export and backup your data with one click. The archive includes attached files, databases, forms, images, and discussions.