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The branding features in Papyrs allow you to design a visual theme that matches the style of your company or organization. You can set the banner (logo) at the top of the Papyrs page, the color of the menubar, links, text/heading color and font, and the page shadow. You can also get started with settings from existing themes. To change the theme settings (can be accessed by administrators only), click on Settings > Theme, see the screenshot below:

You can now start changing colors, fonts, and so on. The page will automatically change to give you a live preview of your new settings. When you are done, don't forget to click Looks good, save! at the bottom of the page. Note that the colors of the menu links in the preview are not final yet, and are automatically ajusted to match the chosen background after saving. The theme builder shows the following options:
  1. You can use this dropdown menu to load the settings from a pre-defined theme. You can use the theme as is, or make further adjustments to it.
  2. Upload a banner file to replace the Papyrs logo and banner at the top of the page. The full size of the banner is 1104x70 pixels.

    To upload a background image for the entire page, use the Background Image option. If you want to repeat the header or background images (in case of using a pattern for example), select the Repeat the banner and/or Repeat the background checkboxes.

    After you've uploaded a header or background image, you can decide to (temporarily) hide it again, by unchecking the Show the banner image or Show the background image checkboxes.

  3. The color boxes all contain letters and digits, for example FFFCF9. These are so called hexadecimal color codes, and they represent the color that is shown in the box. To change the color, simply click on the box: a visual color picker will be shown where you can select a color. If you know how to use these codes, you can directly type those in the box as well.
  4. The page shadow (the shadow next to the left and right edge of the page) can be turned on and off.
  5. Fonts are selected with a dropdown menu. Click on the menu and select the font.
Again, don't forget to save when you're done!
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