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Modern Confluence Alternative​

Looking for a modern and fast Confluence alternative? Our flexible and easy-to-use editor makes it easy for anyone in your team to collaborate. Write technical documentation with Markdown or just use drag&drop to add rich intranet portal pages. Papyrs is the easiest way to build a beautiful internal knowledge base/intranet for all your organization's information. Get everything and everyone on the same page, even when working remotely.

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Why your team will love Papyrs

Simple Responsive Intranet Examples
  • Fast. Bye bye full page reloads
  • Modern Design. Built for 2024
  • Fast, find-as-you-type, Search
  • Easy for even the most tech-phobic co-workers
  • Built-in Widgets for everything. From notes to calendars. No config or plug-ins needed.
  • Simple drag&drop visual editing
  • Markdown Editing for power users
  • Add any kind of page, from docs to dashboards
  • Nothing to configure
  • Use our API to automate your workflows
  • Integrates with other tools you already use
  • Single Sign On Support (G Suite, Slack, SAML, LDAP)
  • Employee Directory
  • Discussions
  • Much more...

Easy for non-tech staff. Fast for power users!

Your team will love Papyrs as a Confluence alternative. For your internal wiki / intranet site to be useful and engaging, everyone on the team should be able to use it. With Papyrs everything is a lot easier and friendlier to use. From a modern editor to snappy page loads. Whether you're in internal comms or engineering, anyone can contribute with an easy-to-use editor, Papyrs' secret sauce.

Tech user? Writing technical project docs/code all day? We've thought of engineers, too. Toggle between Markdown and visual editing at any point! 🔮
Confluence's origins make it a very tech-focused product. Papyrs was designed to be used by everyone on the team, including the most tech-phobic staff.
A WYSIWYG drag&drop editor makes it easy to create rich intranet pages. Add whatever you need, from simple notes to task lists, forms, files, and more. ✨

More features to work better together:

Keyboard Shortcuts and Command Palette

If you're writing a lot of documentation, it's important the editor gets out of your way and you can add information quickly. The Papyrs page editor supports many keyboard shortcuts and a Command Palette, making it easy to access and find editing/formatting options without lifting the mouse. Small useful features like fast-linking to pages, pasting images from the clipboard make editing a breeze.

Fast editing with a modern Confluence Alternative
Command Palette to fuzzy-search through editor commands
Confluence Alternative Code and Project Team Docs

Subsites & Simple Permission Management

You know your permission system has jumped the shark if you need an access level matrix to understand who has access to what. This is not to say having control over permissions isn't important! We just think that if they get too complex they make the system less safe, because it risks having something misconfigured (not to mention it hurts adoption). Confluence is very powerful in that sense, but that can be a huge drawback.

Permissions in Papyrs are flexible yet simple to understand. A Papyrs site is split up into subsites (in Confluence, those would be called Spaces). Each subsite can have its own theming (banner image & colors), menu bar navigation and list of members. A member is either a viewer, editor or admin. If you're not a member, you can't view the pages in a subsite. It's that simple.

By default, a subsite is invite-only, but it's also possible to create subsites which everyone on the site can join. That's very useful for company-wide subsites like a virtual water cooler board or general news and announcements. You can even make a subsite public (our product knowledge base and product blog are examples of this!).

Confluence Alternative Intranet Portal

Never miss important updates

Company Intranet Discussions
Subscribe to notifications on changes to pages you find important. Too much activity? Just switch to daily summary digest emails (or turn them off). A full version history makes it easy to view a visual diff between any two pages versions, as well go back in time and/or roll back changes.

Confluence Alternative - View version history

Knowledge Base meets Wiki meets Intranet

Confluence Alternative Project Documentation

Another reason Papyrs makes for a great Confluence alternative is that it combines the best elements from traditional intranets, modern team wikis and knowledge bases. We like how well-suited wikis can be to write documentation, manuals and so on (there's a reason it's the Hawaiian word for quick!). Unfortunately they can be a bit too technical for non-engineering staff, and also aren't designed for things like writing internal news/blog posts with rich media and widgets.

That inevitably leads to not all people using the system, and some information will be shared elsewhere, using a separate intranet portal or word processor. Having all these silos of information and overlapping platforms not only increases costs but also makes a company less productive.

Our aim with Papyrs is to offer the best of both worlds: a system that's suitable for both writing documentation as well as pages with rich media/portals, plenty of features for power users, but easy-to-use for everyone in the organization.

Simple Company Intranet Example

Looking for a Confluence alternative?

Looking to merge your wiki and intranet site? Time for a Confluence replacement? Or just getting started and need a new home for your team's docs and information? Sign up for a free trial and get started with Papyrs today!

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