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"Makes intranets and wikis cool again" • "Advanced, Simple, Spectacular" • "Excellent App with amazing support structures" • "Brilliant" • "Easy to use with quick friendly support" • "Incredibly easy to use" • "A new idea for intranets"

From tiny teams to large organizations spread over multiple continents, thousands log in to their Papyrs intranet site every day to get more done and work better together. For over a decade, we do our best every day to make our customers happy, and we're proud of our five-star average rating on marketplaces like Workspace and Capterra. But don't just take our word for it. Read below for some reviews in the press, and more importantly, from some of our users on why they love their Papyrs company intranet.

Customer Reviews

“Our Papyrs intranet was easy to set up and customise, is easy to keep adding to and is easy to use by even the most tech-phobic staff - importantly it is also excellent value for money - costing a fraction of you would expect a product of this quality to cost. I keep waiting for the catch - but as hard as I try, I can't find one.”

— Sarah Jarvis, Operations Manager, British Chambers of Commerce

"Before Papyrs, we always needed to have someone available to answer to questions. Now, new crew members only have to check our intranet."

— David Voge, Content Marketing Leader, Ridestore
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“Papyrs is the easiest solution out there. Designed with the busy user in mind, Papyrs makes it quick and simple to set up a central location to communicate within an organization. No programming and no IT professionals needed. We can’t say enough good things!”

— Jaime De Arman, Circulation & Marketing Manager, Cahaba Media Group

“We hunted long and hard for the ideal mix of simplicity and power in an Intranet. Papyrs enables precisely that. With staff across the world, we take our communication tools very seriously, thankfully Papyrs does too.”

— Zee M Kane, CEO of The Next Web, The Next Web

"Papyrs is used as our all encompassing intranet, replacing the need for employee manuals, process documentation, on-boarding processes, company information, etc"

— Brian Manning, President & Chief Digital Officer at Centric Digital
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“Papyrs has allowed us to quickly and easily setup a company intranet that meets all of our needs, and fits our company culture.”

— Jason Alexander, Kalkomey

"We have been using Papyrs for over 4 years now and we still love it! It is the perfect balance between ease of use, features and power! Strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy tool for your company intranet! As an added bonus, their customer support is second to none. I have never seen a customer service team as responsive as the team at Papyrs!"

— Kevin Brown, CRM Leaders

“For a company of our size (under 200 employees) Paprys is the best solution. We have used it to develop our intranet (document repository, forms, discussion forums, company news/events, company calendar, policies/procedures, issue tracking, address book and much more). It is simple to use, yet has many advanced features and is flexible with what we can do with it. It is cloud based hence there are no deployment or maintenance nightmares. We have a business to run and don't have time to work with complex tools. We wanted a simple solution that simply works and which our non-techie employees could themselves maintain. Paprys proved out exactly to be that. Paprys was up and running and everybody started to use in less than a week. It is an affordable, efficient intranet solution with an awesome support team.”

— Gaurav Kishore, CTO, Kyyba

“Papyrs is simple to use, reasonably priced, and a great asset for any company!”

— Becky Crowley, Payroll Team Leader, RCI Subway

“Papyrs is the saviour in our knowledge-sharing challenge! We are now using Papyrs for various purposes, from document-sharing to creating and filling out forms and from sharing inspiring project-related information to commenting on each other's input. We also attach great value to the fact that the interface of Papyrs looks nice. It is very easy to change the way pages look and to bring structure ON a page and BETWEEN pages. And the fact that it is integrated with our Google Mail is a really great add-on. We are now letting our Papyrs platform grow amongst our employees, it is getting bigger and livelier every day. Thank you Stunf!”

— Willem Timmers, Butterfly Works

“We were looking for the best option for our clients to be able to follow up and be accountable for their goals and strategies, we knew that a little complexity would result in failure to use it. Papyrs was the answer, combining a very powerful solution with a great simplicity approach”

— Agustín Santamarina, CDS Estrategia

“I really do think Papyrs is easily the best intranet tool that’s been offered to date.”

— Martin Dean

“Keeping organized and handling all of the daily functions of business and life are made so much easier with Papyrs. Not only does it connect with google to enable easy access to the cloud, but it also is set up so that every user can make it feel personalized. The support is friendly and efficient and it is a great resource for my small business.”

— Laura Olsen, OLSEN imagery

“We have tested it on 5 clients so far and all 5 clients have remarked how good it is. One even wished his other professional advisers used it!”

— Tony de Jong, De Jong & Co - Chartered Accountants

“Just started using the app and used the help button right within the App to communicate with the developers. Their response was immediate which was amazing also taking into account that it was a Sunday Afternoon. The features are also great and it is going to be an asset for my small business.”

— Melvin Hoods, MJD Risk Insurance Brokers

“This was fresh breath among the marketplace apps. Very ease to use but still high quality application. Support acts quickly to emails and friendly staff helps and responses professionally even with unnecessary and stupid questions. =) I can recommend this truly!”

— Alpo Partanen

“Papyrs is an amazing app! From creating forms and collecting data to making project pages with team member communication. Papyrs has made it possible for us to create the web features we need quickly and easily. This in return means we spend more time working on our projects and not designing or maintain a site. The Stunf Team has done an incredible job in making this product.”

— Jason Watson, Creative Director, Watson Creative

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Press & Buzz

Forget Tricky Wikis, Papyrs Makes Building Intranet Pages a Snap

"Papyrs is a slick drag-and-drop wiki app (...) that makes building and editing intranet pages incredibly easy. (...) Overall, Papyrs is incredibly easy to use, with virtually zero technical knowledge required. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a wiki-based intranet or collaboration product: It makes for a great alternative to Google Sites, and it is much simpler than most self-hosted wiki products." — Read article...

Papyrs makes Intranets and Wikis cool again

"Drag and drop whatever items you want into the page, and then begin customizing the items as you see fit. A Papyrs page can be as minimalistic or robust as you'd like; it can be a hub for your team where meeting minutes are kept and expense forms are kept or can be used as a form of wiki. It's all up to you, and the scalability allows you to grow the page over time if that's what you'd like to do." — Read article...

Easy Intranet Management with Papyrs

"A drag & drop intranet is the easiest way to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and Papyrs offers just that. The web app lets you easily share and collect documents, notes, online forms, and all the stuff you need in your office." — Read article...

Papyrs - A New Idea for Intranets

"Businesses of all sizes can benefit from having company intranets. When utilized effectively, intranets make it possible for colleagues collaborate on documents, share information, process forms, collect data, and communicate in an efficient way. The problem with intranets, and the reason why more companies don't have their own, has to do with the set-up process. (...) Traditionally, intranets were thought to be difficult to create and set up. Not so with Papyrs." — Read article...

Papyrs - Easy Document Management To Organize Your Company's Workflow

"Managing documents and information can be anything from difficult to frustrating; few people are willing answer emails and those asking for information/suggestions (or anything else) are often ignored. (...) Papyrs acts as an intranet for information and file exchange; it lets you create multiple pages that you can add various form elements too, these forms can be filled by anyone you choose to share the page with." — Read article...

Papyrs - Drag and Drop Intranet

"There are two things that make Papyrs so appealing to professionals. First is its highly customizable design. The user can easily build pages that meet their needs in terms of functionality and look good enough to share with clients. The second thing is the way Papyrs encourages users to go paperless. Users can store documents and create forms to gather information through their intranet pages. The user's office can reduce paper waste and operate more smoothly overall with Papyrs helping out." — Read article...

Keep Everyone On the Same Page

"Papyrs is an app that makes sharing information with your team easy and efficient. Basically, Papyrs allows you to set up your own company intranet, with different interconnected pages that are easy to navigate through. The pages can hold documents, images and image galleries, widgets for navigation and Twitter searches, text, discussion boxes and more." — Read article...

Drag and Drop Wiki Building That's a Blast to Use

"As I mentioned, this has to be one of the easiest tools I've used in quite some time for wiki building and I had a blast messing around with the interface and adding content. It's not often that I get to say I'm wowed by a new wiki/intranet product but today, I can certainly say that I truly think Papyrs is a brilliant piece of software." — Read article at CMS Critic...

Possibly The Best Social Intranet Builder

"I've tested several similar services, and I have to say none of them live up to the usability of Papyrs. No technical knowledge is required—everything is drag-and-drop." — Read article...

Intranet startup Papyrs is adding apps to their platform

"Stunf is the Eindhoven based startup behind Papyrs, a technology platform for creating an online Intranet for companies in an easy way. This month they did a major upgrade to introduce Papyrs Apps, making their system a true development platform. We interviewed founder Wim Cools (in the photo presenting at the Accenture Innovation Awards) about this change." — Read article...

The office intranet has gotten a modern makeover

"In summary, you can organize all of your company's documents, create and publish forms and surveys which generate data reports, communicate with your team/company, and have a home base for everyone that is completely searchable. Face it, Papyrs made intranets sexy again!" — Read article at AGBeat

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