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Papyrs is the ideal Intranet CMS platform. Drag&drop, widget-based & easy-to-use, it's designed from the ground up to make it easier than ever before to build secure internal sites like employee intranet portals.

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What is an Intranet CMS?

A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is software to create, share, edit and manage digital content. It's often used to create public-facing websites, blogs and news sites, allowing teams to easily post new content and articles.

An intranet is like a business website but for internal use. Although it's possible that certain sections of an intranet site are shared with external people (like contractors or customers), access to the intranet site requires staff to log in. Unlike a public website, this makes an intranet site suitable for securely sharing internal news, important documents, discussions etc., all while using the familiar and flexible concept of web pages, right from the browser.

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Do you need a CMS for an intranet?

Not every intranet site has a CMS to build internal pages. Many traditional corporate intranets are maintained by IT or external developers, for example. That makes it very hard to post any updates to an intranet though. When the need for every small change results in a request for IT to make an update, intranets will never see any real adoption within a team or company. As updating information without a simple intranet CMS is tedious, the intranet site becomes stale, and people stop relying on the intranet for answers, resulting in more meetings, emails and wasted time.

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Why use Papyrs as an Intranet CMS?

Papyrs works like a CMS (Content Management System) for intranet sites.

Like you would expect from a CMS, it includes a rich text editor to add information and write documents directly on these pages, but that's not all. The editor powering Papyrs' intranet CMS was designed from scratch to be the easiest and flexible editor specifically designed to create rich internal pages for team communication and collaboration:

That makes the editor great for all kinds of internal content, from text documents like policies and manuals, to technical specifications, to visual dashboards and much more. Whatever content you need to share or work on with colleagues or clients, you can post it with Papyrs' intranet CMS: databases, portals, documents, internal blogs, project planning, knowledge bases, online forms and HR workflows, technical documents. See some examples here.

Other important features for a successful intranet

  1. Modern and appealing design

    It's not 1990 anymore, the age of the clunky and ugly intranet is over. As everyone is used to modern apps, a modern design is important for an engaging intranet which is adopted by everyone in the company. Papyrs has a clean and modern design, with simple theme options to make it match your company's branding.

  2. Fast to navigate and quick to find answers on

    Powerful find-as-you-type search is an essential feature to help save teams time finding answers. With search in Papyrs everyone will be able to find back pages, files, discussions, database records, people and more in an instant. Quickly jump between site sections, pages, browse pages by folder or tags or use the customizable menu bar to pin the most important pages.

  3. Always up-to-date

    To make an intranet truly useful, people should be able to contribute easily so it's a single source of truth where everyone can be sure to find the most recent information. With an easy-to-use editor, staff with any skill level can add ideas, docs and share knowledge.

  4. Interactive and social

    Next to creating a repository of documents to share knowledge, interactive features make the intranet a great portal to collaborate internally and communicate more efficiently. Papyrs includes all the features needed to make it a truly social intranet platform. Discussions, activity feed, forms, staff directory, people profiles, reactions, polls.. it's all there. Using forms also makes it easy to collect data & process requests and feedback.

  5. Easy to set up

    A modern intranet no longer requires the need for any technical knowledge or IT to set up and maintain. It should work out-of-the-box, on any modern browser and device, without any installation.

  6. Secure

    To securely share all information on an intranet, it should be secure by default, requiring a log in for all staff to access. Papyrs also makes it easy to set up user roles and permissions, so it's always clear who can access what. Are certain sections management-only? Do you want people to be able to post updates only to projects they're working on? Or prefer anyone to be able to edit? Access levels make it easy to set who can view, edit or admin certain sections of your intranet site.

  7. Extranet

    Although an intranet is designed for internal use, it might be needed to share some information with external people from time to time. With Papyrs you can invite clients or other external people to certain subsites to securely share information behind a log in, or even publish a subsite as an extranet.

  8. Integration with existing tools

    As an intranet is a central hub of all business information, bringing together data from multiple apps, sources and tools used in a company would be ideal. Papyrs offers an API, which can be used to connect it to any other web service. It also works great as an intranet around Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) or Slack. Secure Single Sign On with SAML or Active Directory (LDAP) is also available.

  9. Easy to scale

    From small teams with a handful of people to large companies with dozens of departments. By creating subsites, your Papyrs intranet site can be as simple or large-scale as you need, without becoming complicated.

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A fast & modern Intranet CMS

Build modern internal staff portals, team wikis or knowledge bases with an all-in-one intranet CMS. Give it a try, plenty of examples and templates included!

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