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Internal Knowledge Base Software​

Papyrs is knowledge base software designed to keep your company's information organized and make working together more efficient, whether it's collaborating within internal teams, with remote staff or external clients.

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Simple internal knowledge base software

Keep all your information and documents in one place, safe and secure. Easily share notes, documents, manuals, policies, forms, files, links, images, videos, etc. Find everything back in a second with powerful search.

Work & communicate better together with a simple knowledge management solution. Lost attachments, email forwards and bulk replies.. Team communication can be chaos! Use Papyrs to keep track of everything in your company.

What is a company knowledge base?

A simple company knowledge base management system makes it easy to securely gather and share all internal knowledge in one place, managing access to business-critical knowledge.

This way everyone on the team can quickly find answers to questions. It also makes sure important knowledge doesn't get forgotten and remains accessible when someone on the team is unavailable. Because everything is one place, it also provides a quick way to iterate on ideas and collect feedback.

In short: reduce meetings, capture and retain internal knowledge, promote new ideas, collaborate on projects, keep track of progress, discuss roadmaps, save important data, files & records.

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Why use Papyrs as a knowledge base?

Capturing, sharing and collecting knowledge in Papyrs is super quick and easy. From an easy drag&drop editor, to keyboard shortcuts, a command palette, simply pasting images or editing documents with Markdown... everything's designed so everyone within the company can use it.

Whether it's just jotting down some notes, or writing extensive documentation, we've made a lightweight editor which makes it lightning-fast to edit and add content internally. The idea of a knowledge base is, of course, to have all knowledge readily available in a central place. If the friction of publishing knowledge content and ideas is too high though, the knowledge base quickly becomes stale, which seems to be the fate of many traditional wiki and intranet portals. By easing adoption with a user-friendly interface and making it easy for everyone across the company to contribute, a Papyrs knowledge base quickly becomes the go-to single source of truth where teams know they can find all information to get work done.

Centralized, in sync, and integrated with other tools

There's more and more to keep track of in more and more places. Companies and projects grow, more people go remote or work from home, we use more devices and more tools.

The way we're working generates more information scattered across different devices and services. Employees need to check their phones, search network drives, log in to different cloud services, browse local files and notes apps only to find the answer hidden in an email thread.

Giving teams quick access to a centralized knowledge base saves a lot of time. With Papyrs you can bring all of this together in one hub and stay in sync.

Internal knowledge base search

Any kind of information, from documents to databases

Papyrs isn't just great for sharing simple internal text documents, but also supports sharing all kinds of other internal business information, like structured data. Structured data typically fits better in a spreadsheet or database, where it's easy to filter and view records by fields and types, like receipts, holiday requests, a contacts database and so on. All of this information can be stored easily using the same editor in Papyrs. Just drag form fields to your page, and a database will be created automatically where you can submit, filter and search records.

You can also drag&drop files directly to your pages, if you need to securely share existing files internally, like PDFs, images, Office documents or ZIP files.

So whatever it is, from engineering docs, important files, internal company blog posts, HR forms, sales guidelines, onboarding procedures, training videos, meeting notes, project specs.. add it all to Papyrs!

Browse internal knowledge base documentation

Simple to get started, edit and navigate

A good knowledge base is easy to navigate, search and add information to. The idea of a knowledge base is to save time and make work more efficient, not to add another complex system which requires installation, training, configuration and constant maintenance. If there's too much friction and a knowledge system requires active document management, most people won't end up updating it, so nobody will search it.. and so on.

Works out-of-the-box

The first step is making everything very easy to set up. Your Papyrs knowledge base site is fully hosted by us, so we take care of servers, hosting, availablility, keeping software up-to-date, backups and so on. Just sign up to create your secure internal knowledge base site and get started within seconds: simply add content invite people.

Clear structure and navigation

If you're a small team, you might simply want to give everyone access to everything and start writing knowledge articles. As your knowledge base grows, you might want to split up your Papyrs knowledge site into different subsites. Those can be organized around a certain topic, or aimed at specific (sub)teams within your organization. People can have different access levels to different subsites, in case you want to create certain subsites which only management or certain clients can access, for example.

Knowledge base software - Browse by subsite

With a Papyrs knowledge base you can discuss knowledge and ideas directly within the context of the page with your documentation. Simply start a discussion, or bring a document page to life with interactive widgets like polls, reactions and forms.

With the flexible page editor, it's possible to create pages for all kinds of purposes, from simple text documents to project management pages with calendars, task lists and so on.

Everything you need for your knowledge base

Quick Editing

Easy to use by non-tech staff with a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor and a simple drag&drop interface.

Dozens of widgets

Add whatever you need to your internal pages. Text, files, images, videos, checklists, calendars, code, polls, forms, you name it.

Powerful Search

Find answers instantly. Search through docs, files, pages, discussions, form records.

Simple but flexible permissions

Built for internal knowledge sharing. See at a glance who can access what, secure by default. Plenty of Single Sign On options for larger teams.

Easy to use

Let people in your organization explore and contribute without the need for any training.


Make your knowledge base more engaging with discussions, forms, reactions (likes, marked-as-read, ..), polls and a modern clean look.

Markdown and Command Palette

Plenty of features for power users, too! Edit at the speed of thought with Markdown and keyboard shortcuts.

Just the right features

From full version history, notifications, activity to templates and integrations. All batteries are included with Papyrs, without getting in your way.

Get started right away

Create your knowledge base site and try it for free. Pick a logo and theme to match your branding, add content, and invite your team. Nothing to install or configure!

Knowledge Base Software Example

Who uses Papyrs?

Many productive organizations are using Papyrs as their internal knowledge base to share documentation, databases, files, internal discussions and much more.

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Leverage your team's knowledge

Find answers faster, feel more productive and get organized with simple internal knowledge base software by Papyrs. Try the free trial today and get started in minutes.

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