The Intranet for G Suite​

Looking for a modern intranet platform for G Suite? Papyrs is the easiest way to create an intranet site, knowledge portal or company wiki around your G Suite solution. Bring all information, knowledge, documentation and news together in a central portal for your staff and/or clients. Easy to set up, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated with G Suite.

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Why your organization will love Papyrs

G Suite Mobile Intranet
Seamless integration with G Suite
Single Sign On, Easily Invite G Suite Users, Unified Search, Embedding Google Calendars, Attach or Embed Google Team Drive Files and more.

Works on any device
From that huge display in the lobby to your phone: easily access your Papyrs intranet from any device.

Scales well
From small teams of five people to large organizations with thousands of users across multiple offices and continents. Scaling a Papyrs intranet site is super easy with subsites, straightforward permission settings and enterprise features which never get in your way if you don't need them.

Everything you need in one platform
Modern, fast, lightweight but very complete. Great for simply sharing knowledge and finding documents to creating a social intranet with people profiles, polls, news and discussions. Everything's in one place.

The #1 G Suite Intranet Solution

We're proud to have launched as one of the first apps in the G Suite Marketplace (back when G Suite was called Google Apps) and offer the first fully integrated intranet solution. Over the years we've refined and updated our integration and are happy to be called digital home for hundreds of thousands of G Suite users.

"We have been using Papyrs for over 4 years now and we still love it! It is the perfect balance between ease of use, features and power! Strongly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy tool for your company intranet! As an added bonus, their customer support is second to none. I have never seen a customer service team as responsive as the team at Papyrs!" — Kevin Brown, CRM Leaders

Why an intranet for G Suite

If your organization already uses G Suite, you probably have a lot of information spread across different apps and silos within G Suite: from files on Google Drive, events in Google Calendar to important conversations in email threads on Google Mail. The more an organization grows, the more external apps you might use on top as well.

An intranet site is a place where all this information comes together in a structured way that's easy to navigate, search and contribute to. It's an employee portal providing a clear structure for people to find the latest news, find answers, share knowledge and post updates.

Papyrs is the easiest way to create an intranet site for your organization. Pages on a Papyrs intranet are very flexible and simple to edit, so it's easy for anyone with access to contribute. Not only can you use pages to type out typical text documents, our simple drag&drop editor also allows adding all kinds of interactive widgets, from discussions, to embeds, polls and form fields. That way it's easy to post wiki-like knowledge posts as well as news dashboards, discussions, project pages, file libraries, HR forms or whatever you need.

Subsites provide a clear way to organize your intranet site into different sections. For example, create subsites around projects or office locations and give each department their own home page or landing page. You can also use subsites to create extranet portals: simply invite clients, contractors or other external people to collaborate within a subsite, even if they can't access your G Suite.

G Suite Intranet Portal

Google Docs & Google Drive Integration

If your organization uses G Suite you most likely have a lot of content stored on Google Drive and Google Team Drive. With Papyrs it's easy to bring together related documents and create pages to collaborate on projects with colleagues. Simply attach files from Google Drive to to your Papyrs pages, directly from the editor.

Use the Search or Browse functionality to find and add any file from your Google Drive / Team Drive to your page. For example, in the screenshot below we've created a Papyrs page about an upcoming conference. Not only can we add all kinds of details to the page (like a list of people on the project to discussions and specifications), we can also add relates files from Drive directly to the page. This way we have everything in one place and make it easy to find the files in the context of the project we're working on.

G Suite Wiki - Attach files from Google Drive

Embedding Content

Another useful feature when it comes to files from your G Suite Drives, is embedding the document directly on your Papyrs page, instead of listing it as an attachment. For example, you can add a live Google Sheet document or Google Slide, and interact with it directly on the page.

G Suite Intranet - Embed Sheet

Embedding files like this is super-easy: when editing a page, just drag a Gadget to your page, and select Embed Google Drive Document (or use the Ctrl+/ command palette, if you prefer keyboard shortcuts).

G Suite Intranet - Embed Google Drive Documents

Google Calendar Integration

The great thing about Papyrs pages is you can mix and match whatever content you need. Let's say you're working on a project with your team and want to keep track of some tasks and planning. If you're on G Suite and use Google Calendar to keep track of important dates, you can simply drag a Google Calendar directly on to your page, and show it alongside other details for projects, such as a list of tasks.

G Suite Intranet - Google Calendar Integration

By changing the layout of the page, you can either show a full size calendar or a simple list of upcoming events.

G Suite Intranet - Google Calendar

Integrated Search

As a central hub for all your information, Papyrs offers a fast, unified, find-as-you-type search. It will show you results from both content on your Papyrs intranet, as well as matching documents available on your G Suite. Docs, pages, comments, records, people.. it's all just a few keystrokes away, so you can find back anything instantly without having to wonder where you saved it.

G Suite Intranet Portal Unified Search

Notifications & Activity

Never miss any important updates with notifications and an activity feed. You can see whenever someone posts new content, and even compare older versions.

G Suite Intranet - Activity

Single Sign On

Papyrs supports Single Sign On with G Suite, so people on your G Suite domain can seamlessly access your Papyrs site without the need for a separate login or password. Simple and secure.

G Suite Intranet - Login

People can access Papyrs from within G Suite directly by simply clicking the Papyrs icon in the G Suite Navigation bar.

When linked to G Suite, Papyrs will automatically detect the domains and people on your G Suite domain, so you can easily invite them to your Papyrs site — or only sections (subsites) of the site. Simply allow all your staff to self-join/self-invite, limit access to certain domains, or run things completely closed and require people to be invited to the site first.

Managing permissions becomes a breeze with subsites, so you'll always know exactly who can access what, and with what role (are they just viewers, can they edit content, or are they admin?)

G Suite Intranet - SSO Invite Users

Staff Directory

One of the built-in features of Papyrs is a people directory, showing all users on the site, or within a subsite of the site. This makes it easy for everyone in your organization to find people, find out who's on a specific project or department, and so on. Papyrs can automatically pull information like profile pictures (avatars), names and other details of your users on G Suite into the system.

G Suite Intranet - People Directory

The ideal intranet for G Suite

Papyrs is the easiest intranet, knowledge base or wiki solution working seamlessly with G Suite. Looking for a central hub for all information, docs, news and people in your organization? Sign up for a free trial and get started with Papyrs today!

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