Intranet CMS

A CMS for building your intranet

Papyrs works like a CMS (Content Management System) for intranet pages. Like you would expect from a CMS, it includes a rich text editor to add information and write documents directly on these pages. Next to standard documents, however, it is also possible to add many other (interactive) widgets, without needing any technical knowledge. For example, just by drag & drop you can add widgets for navigation, discussions, social media (e.g. Twitter, YouTube), checklists, sharing files, and more. With support for adding custom code, third party widgets can also be integrated on pages. The editor can not only be used for writing documents, adding information and widgets, but also for building online interactive forms directly on the pages. This way, the intranet pages can also act as business apps to collect and process all kinds of data and requests/workflows (e.g. for expense tracking, leave of absence requests, time sheets, event registration, customer feedback and much more).

Benefits & Feature overview

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