Introducing Papyrs Apps — build database web apps with drag & drop

Anyone can build their own business web applications, without any technical knowledge. Organize your data with custom apps, combining the power of pages, forms, and our drag & drop editor. Give it a try, now included with every Papyrs account!

Papyrs just became more powerful. Add online forms and transform them into complete apps.

Easily design your own web apps

Use the drag & drop editor to build forms, databases and templates. No coding or technical knowledge required!

Customize it any way you want

Add exactly the apps you need, like a CRM or expense tracking. You decide how it looks and works.

Collect, manage & share all your data

A fully customizable work platform. No more messy spreadsheets or complex software only IT understands.

One Intranet, Endless Possibilities

Use and customize any of the existing apps, or build your own in mere seconds.

CRM App — Manage all your contacts

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Events App — Share events on a calendar

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Or create your own...

Member Directory • Job Listings • Order Management • Equipment Tracker • Hour Tracking • Parts Database • Property Listing • Content Collection • Inventory Management • ...?

Easily design your own forms, database and templates.


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