Workflow management

In Custom online forms we describe how the forms features can be used to collect information online. In cases where the forms are used to collect requests, it can be useful to add a simple workflow. For example, if an employee submits a request for a leave of absence, or a customer fills in an order form, we want to keep track of the status of such requests.

With Papyrs it's possible to add simple workflow options to process requests, by adding a Status field to an online form. The creator of the form can set the initial Status when a new form is submitted (for example Pending). The form administrator is notified when a new request arrives, and he or she can review the request, and change the status accordingly (for example, to Accepted). The person who submitted the request and any other form administrators are then notified of the new status. The creator of the form also decides for which Status the request can be changed by the person who submitted the form. For example, once an order is Confirmed it can no longer be changed, but if it's Rejected because more information is needed, the request can be modified and re-submitted.
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