Custom online forms & databases

Most companies and organizations need to collect a lot of different information. Time sheets and reimbursement requests from employees, customer feedback and orders from clients, quote proposals from contractors, assignment solutions from students, just to name a few.

With Papyrs, we want to make it really easy to collect and process information online. You can easily build online custom forms with drag & drop -- no programming or codes needed! The forms are put directly on your Papyrs pages, so you can show any other relevant rich content and information alongside your form. The form pages can be kept private in your team for internal use by employees, shared with external people via email, or made public to anyone in the world. All kinds of information can be collected: dates, text, files, numbers, email addresses, and so on. You can use filters and totals to create powerful reports of the collect data. Just some examples: total amount of travel expenses reimbursed this month, customers who rated our service as good, number of hours logged by an employee. As with other activity, notifications can keep you up to date of newly submitted forms and status changes.

Compared with other methods to collect information

Most methods for collecting and processing information aren't very flexible and easy to use. Some popular approaches:

Email: Sending emails back and forth doesn't really scale and is very time consuming.

Spreadsheets: Many companies collect information by sharing Excel files. Unfortunately using Excel as a database doesn't really work well for this purpose: Database software: Database software is too complicated to quickly design forms and reports for your data. Desktop software makes it hard to share and access the data from different locations.

Custom database (applications): Another solution is to hire IT consultants to build a custom database application for you. This is a very expensive option. It's also hard to change the application later on.

With Papyrs, we want to provide you an easy way to add your own simple custom database applications, without the need for any technical knowledge. Just drag & drop your forms, and a database is automatically generated for you in the background. You can create reports, and decide who has access to submit forms and view results. It's like an uncomplicated, collaborative, online replacement for programs like Microsoft Access.

Benefits & Feature overview

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