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What is an extranet? Intranet vs Extranet vs Hosted Intranet

Traditionally an extranet is the part of an internal company site that is available to the public or shared securely with groups of people outside the company (such as clients, contractors or suppliers). Before the popularity of online hosted intranet services, an intranet had to be hosted by companies themselves, and was usually only accessible from inside the company network, at certain office locations. Sharing parts of the intranet (like a product catalog for example) with external people was difficult, but even employees themselves couldn't always access the intranet from outside the office. As services like Papyrs now securely host the intranet online (or in the cloud), the term extranet has become slightly confusing. Some still mean sharing a part of the intranet with external people, but some use it to refer to the online hosted version of the intranet.

Create your own online hosted intranet and extranet.

Papyrs provides both an intranet and extranet: you can easily create your own online hosted intranet as well as share parts of the intranet with external people (like clients), or the public (for open registrations for example).

Because your Papyrs intranet is hosted online, you don't need to worry about maintenance, hardware or other IT expenses; plus, it's accessible from anywhere! Simply design your intranet site with drag & drop (no technical knowledge required!), and share, collect and discuss information, files, online forms and much more.

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