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We believe small businesses are looking for an intranet solution that's fast to deploy, affordable, easy to use, has a high adoption rate, and comes with just the feautes you need (and without the ones you don't).

Design and the effectiveness of an intranet

We have a strong focus on usability and interface design. Not just because we like to work with pretty things, but we also believe the design is functional by increasing user adoption and engagement of the intranet. As the intranet serves as a central place for all communication and information, the usefulness and effectiveness increases with the number of users that use it daily.

Everybody is a power user

It's also the daily users that know best what they need from an intranet. That means the software should empower them to create an intranet that matches the way they work. If every change has to be made by the IT department, this results in both a frustrating user experience, as well as an intranet not designed by the people who need to use it. We think that all users should be able to be power users and contribute to the intranet. This doesn't mean we compromise on features though, so everything from secure sharing to version history to powerful search is there.


This also significantly brings down the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of an intranet. There's no training, external consultants or a (large) IT department involved in setting up, maintaining or using the intranet. You can get started in minutes rather than weeks, and everything is drag & drop. Papyrs is fully hosted, so we'll take care of everything from backups to server maintenance and software updates. With your intranet in the cloud, it's also accessible from anywhere, any time.

A modern, social intranet

Next to document management, forms and wiki-like web documents, Papyrs also has social features built right in, and integrated with other features. The activity stream for example shows all activity in a certain department or accross all users, from content updates, to recently filled-out forms, and status changes of requests. Just like feeds in social networks, it's a great way to centralize and keep track of discussions, or for Q&A. Inline comments can also be added directly to a page, to discuss a project or collaborate with clients for example. Other features include a people directory, user profiles and social media widgets.

Overview & Benefits

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