Document management

Whether you're working on a project in a team, need to communicate with clients, or need to keep internal records, a lot of documentation and information is going around. Policies, procedures, manuals, project planning information, financial spreadsheets, meeting minutes, and so on. With Papyrs, you can share all your important documents, information and files directly on your pages.

Simple document management

You can write documents directly in Papyrs, using the rich text editor. When a page is updated, people following the page can see at a glance which parts have been changed.

You can also attach existing files and documents to pages. Add an attachment widget and drag & drop files directly from your PC or Mac to the page. Using the fine-grained permission settings for pages, you can set exactly who has access to which documents.

It's also easy to collect documents from others. For example, you can easily build a form for a job vacancy, where applicants can attach their CV or other files.

Overview of features & benefits

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