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Looking for a way to collaborate, share and communicate better with employees and clients? Papyrs is an easy and flexible hosted intranet solution, with which you can keep everyone on the same page. You can share information, important files and documents, discuss projects and ideas, collect data from customers and colleagues and create reports. All of this based on an easy to use interface, which requires no technical knowledge!

What makes Papyrs different from traditional intranet software?

We developed Papyrs with the idea that intranets don't have to be expensive, complicated, or require technical knowledge. A big problem with traditional intranet software is that it usually requires an internal IT department or external technical consultants to set up and maintain. Not only does it make intranet software expensive, it also makes it harder to make changes and keep the intranet up to date.

Papyrs is a user-friendly hosted (also called SaaS, or Software as a Service) intranet solution: (See also Why we created Papyrs).

Easy to use, but complete.

Papyrs offers all the features you expect from a modern intranet.
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