Intranet Windows Integration

Papyrs for Microsoft Windows networks

Does your organization already have a Windows network? In that case Papyrs can integrate seamlessly with network you already have in place. Integrating Papyrs with your Windows Network has a number of great benefits: Papyrs integration consists of four parts:
  1. Easily add people from your existing Windows network to Papyrs.
  2. Synchronize contact information on your existing network to Papyrs.
  3. Active Directory Authentication – users can log in to Papyrs with their existing username and password.
  4. Single Sign-On – automatically log on to Papyrs from computers in a Windows Domain, using their Windows username and password.

Papyrs LDAP is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), and Apple Open Directory, and Linux OpenLDAP.

Papyrs LDAP is supported for all Papyrs Large subscription packages and above. For information about how Papyrs LDAP works see the Papyrs LDAP documentation.
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