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Using wiki like software to build a knowledge base

A lot of information needs to be shared in teams. Procedures, manuals, handbooks, instructions, news, projects and client information, and much more. It saves a lot of time if every employee or client has direct access to the information they need. It's also important people can quickly add and update new information, so that everyone always has access to an up to date knowledge base. Wiki's are a popular way to build these knowledge bases, linking together many pages with all kinds of information. Unfortunately, it can be hard and expensive to set it up, and to train people how to use it.

How Papyrs is different from a traditional wiki

With Papyrs, we wanted to design something that allows you to share information like a wiki, but without having its users need to learn all kinds of markup languages just to write a simple document. On top of that, an internal company wiki needs more functionality than public pages with text — we wanted to make it easier to add all kinds of other content, such as files, forms or an image gallery. Papyrs is also fully hosted, meaning you can access your information anywhere right from the browser, and there's nothing to download, install, configure or maintain. An overview: See also Why we created Papyrs.
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