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General (Accounts and logins)

Here you can find all information related to Papyrs accounts: creating a new account, closing an account, upgrading, cancelling, billing, change account information, etc.

How are payments processed? / How will charges appear on my bill?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. To securely process payments, we work together with our payment partners Stripe and FastSpring. We do not store credit card numbers ourselves.

Change & View subscription information

You can view and change your subscription information on the Site Settings page. Click Site Settings, then select the 'Subscription' tab. Note that you need to have administrator permissions in your team to review the subscription details.

Closing (cancelling) / Leaving a site

You can close a site and cancel the subscription at any time. To close (cancel) a site, go to the account information tab (Site Settings > Subscription). If you are the owner of an account, click the 'Close Site' button. If you are a member, but not the owner, of a team, click 'Leave Site'. A confirmation page will be shown. Click the confirmation button to close or leave the account. If you close your site and you were subscribed to a paid plan, the subscription is cancelled and you will receive no further charges.

Refund policy

We have a 30 day refund policy for new subscriptions. That means that whenever you close (cancel) an account with a paid subscription plan within 30 days of the first payment, you are eligible for a refund. Mail your refund requests to It may take several days for the refund to arrive, depending on third part payment operators.

Upgrading and downgrading a subscription

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription, go to Site Settings, select the Subscription tab (Administrators only), and click Change Subscription.

Changes you make to your subscription are activated immediately, and you will simply be billed the new amount at the beginning of your next billing cycle.

Contract length

We will not force you to commit to any long term contracts. When you sign up for a paid plan in Papyrs, you subscribe to a monthly subscription. It will be renewed automatically every month, until you cancel the subscription. You can cancel at any time, see Cancelling. We also offer annual subscriptions at a discount. You can choose this option when subscribing.

Are there any other fees?

No, you only pay the monthly subscription cost. There are no sign up fees, upgrade, downgrade or cancelation fees. However, if you are based inside the EU, you may be subject to a VAT charge (see next section).

Does VAT (Value Added Tax) apply to my Papyrs subscription?

Only if you are based in the EU (European Union), but do not have a valid VAT ID, an additional VAT charge applies to your order (at the rate of the EU country you're based in). Business customers in the EU can provide a valid VAT ID in the last step of the order process to be exempt from this VAT charge.

Free Papyrs Trial. Try the full version for 15 days.

Want to try if Papyrs makes you and your team more organized and productive? You can use Papyrs for 15 days, completely absolute free. No commitment, and no credit card required. If you like Papyrs you can easily upgrade to one of our paid plans.

When your trial is almost over, you will receive an email with instructions on how to upgrade to keep using Papyrs. When upgrading from a trial account to one of the subscription plans, all your information and settings will of course be preserved.

What happens if I don't upgrade after the trial or a payment fails?

If a payment fails, our payment provider will send you an email to notify you of the failure. It also contains instructions on how to update your payment information if necessary. If you are almost at the end of the trial, we will send you an email reminder, and a notification bar in Papyrs will show you how many days you have left on the trial.

If a payment cannot be completed, or if you decide not to subscribe to a plan after the trial has ended, your account will be frozen. At this point you can reactivate, modify or close your subscription. Don't worry, we will never destroy any of your data unless you explicitly tell us you want to cancel your account (e.g. by clicking the Close Site button)!
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