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With the Themes & Branding options you can change the default theme (font styles, color theme and banner/logo images) for your Papyrs intranet, to match the style of your organization. The white labeling options allow you to change the entire visual appearance, customize the notification emails, and use your own name in the interface instead of Papyrs'.

This page will describe the options and how to set them up.

Custom Domain

Note: Custom domain is available on the Papyrs Business plan and higher.

The custom domain option allows you to access your Papyrs account on something like intranet.yourcompany.com instead of yourcompany.papyrs.com. To set up a custom domain, follow the steps below:
  1. Decide on a subdomain name you would like to use, for example
    https://intranet.yourcompany.com (you need to be owner of this domain).

  2. Change the DNS settings of your subdomain to point it to the address of the Papyrs servers. You can do this by adding a CNAME record to the DNS zone file. Point the CNAME to custom.papyrs.com.
    • Some DNS providers require the . (dot) at the end, others don't
    • Just to be clear: we literally mean custom.papyrs.com here, so don't replace "custom" with your account name. If there is an existing A record for your subdomain, remove it so only the CNAME to custom.papyrs.com remains.

  3. Fill out the form at https://yoursite.papyrs.com/settings/custom-domain/. We'll take care of the rest! Your new domain should get activated within 24 hours, and the transition will not involve any downtime.

White labeling

Note: White-labeling is available on the Papyrs Large plan and higher.

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