General settings

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In the My Preferences screen, you can change your Papyrs account preferences, like display name, password, and so on. To change your settings, click My Preferences from your User Profile menu.

Change email address
To change your email address, click the change email address link.

Change password
To change your password, clcik the change password link.
If you click the Logout link at the top right corner of the screen, you only log out for the current session. If you have other sessions open, for example at a different computer at home/work, or on your mobile phone, you are still logged in there. To log out of all sessions and devices, click sign out all devices.

Under preferences you can change your time zone, the format in which dates should be displayed, the start day of the week, and your display name. All dates and times will be shown in your local time. You can also set the format in which form reports should be exported. The reports are exported in .CSV-format. Depending on your locale settings of software like Excel, the data in these files must be separated with comma's (,) or semicolons (;). If you have problems importing form reports, change the setting here.

Profile picture
This the picture which is shown on your profile page (see People directory), when you leave a comment, and so on. Upload a picture here, and Papyrs automatically makes a small and medium thumbnail.

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