Add a poll to your intranet

Add a poll widget to your intranet wiki pages

With Papyrs it's easy to add polls to your intranet pages. Poll widgets are great for running quick surveys among your co-workers or clients. There's also a more advanced preference table poll, which is useful to find which options work best within a group of people (like scheduling a date for a meeting for example, kind of like doodle for your intranet).

To embed a poll on your intranet page, just edit the page you want to add the poll to, and drag a Media/Widget to your page. Select the Poll Widget tab, and type in the options for your Poll. You can switch between the Simple Poll mode, or the Preference Table.

The Simple poll will show a list of options, and a percentage of people voting for each option. Tip: if you hover over the percentage, a hint showing you the number of total votes for that option will pop up.

The preference table will show each option against each person who voted (and people can vote for multiple alternatives).

Users with View & Submit permissions (or higher) can vote in the poll, but everyone with access to a page can see the results.

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