Instagram on your intranet

Instagram on your intranet

Easily embed photos from your Instagram photo stream on your company's intranet. Integrating Instagram on your intranet by adding a photos to your intranet pages is a great way to share social media like photos related to company events and products with your team or clients.

Adding Instagram to a page is just a matter of drag & drop, no technical magic involved! Just follow the steps below, to add an instagram web embed to your page:

  1. Go to the Instagram photo you want to embed, click on the ... menu, and select Embed

  2. Click Copy Embed code from the dialog that follows.

  3. Go to your Papyrs page to which you want to add your Instagram photo.
    Select Page > Edit Page to edit the page.

  4. Drag a Media/Widget to your page, and select the Other widgets tab.

  5. Paste the embed code, and save the page!
That's it!

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