Client Portal

What is a client portal

Next to sharing internal information with your staff, Papyrs makes it easy to create a portal to share, collect and discuss data with your clients (or contractors, or any other external people). Clients can easily access or upload information online, using a secure link or password. This allows them to access the data in a central place, keep track of new updates, and information can be shared without the limiations of simple emails. Client portals can be useful in many cases, for example:

Using Papyrs' flexible drag&drop editor, you can easily use pages for all these use cases. Just create a new page in your Papyrs account and add the widgets you need, like rich text, file attachments, media widgets, a discussion area or custom forms.


There are two options in Papyrs to share pages with clients:

1. Share individual pages with external users

Papyrs allows you to share pages with external users (also called guest users), i.e. people who are not part of your Papyrs intranet site. To share a page with external users, click on Page ▼ » Permissions & Subscribers. Then, fill out their email addresses under Others outside your organization

People who are invited in this way will receive an email with a secure link to access the page. Unlike regular users, they won't be able to log in with a password, so they can only view one page at a time by using the secure link.

2. Invite clients as Limited users to your Papyrs account

If you want to share multiple pages and allow clients to log in with a password to navigate between these pages, you can invite them as users to your Papyrs intranet (in the same you invite other employees to the intranet).

Papyrs supports several user roles: Administrator, Limited User and regular user. You can create limited users for your clients, so that they can only see the pages related them and nothing that links them to other clients. The permission affect everything, including which user profiles people can see and what search results they get. You can also impersonate your clients so you can view Papyrs exactly like they would, so you can be 100% sure no information is leaking from one client to another.

To invite your clients, go to Settings » People » Invite new users. Then, click the More permission settings... link, and select Limited User from the Type of user dropdown. After the client is invited, give them access to the pages you wish to share with them (note that everyone in the Papyrs account has access the homepage).

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